Addressing COVID-19 Lockdown and Community Hunger

Tafelsig Mitchells Plain CAN (TMPC) Self – Organizing


Practical Immediate Response to Addressing Hunger and COVID-19 Simultaneously!

It does not have to be a choice about whether people die of COVID-19 or HUNGER

It is important that in order to successfully self – organize around an issue, proper plans must be in place.

Tafelsig Mitchells Plain CAN (TMPC) has the ANSWER to deal with the Coronavirus crisis DECISIVELY, QUICKLY AND COST EFFECTIVELY!

We simply decided we are not ready to DIE. Only one of two things must happen when one hears that you are about to die. It’s simply a choice between FIGHT & FLIGHT.

So if you decide to fight, action must be taken, immediately!

We remembered the POWER OF SELF ORGANIZING! We remembered the age-old ways of the communities to come up with their own solutions to whatever the problem was. We remembered that most community solutions proved to be effective because the community had direct input into addressing whatever the problem was.

TMPC put a system in place, tested it for 5 weeks since Lockdown, found that it works and we are ready to refine and scale-up

Our solution to the problem is simple, cost-effective and ready for replication with minor adjustments to suit the needs of each different community across the length and breadth of South Africa.

We currently have 31 Change Champions, each feeding 300 plus residents a day. At present TMPC caters for about 10 000 of the 90 000 strong population in Tafelsig.

Not scientifically tested, no need either to be. We simply started to systematically address the barriers to community buy-in to the crucial message to STAY IN YOUR HOME which in turn will lead to the much needed for the Lockdown to be implemented effectively.

The barriers to adhering to the President’s Call to “Stay in Your Home” can and will be adhered to.

By the understanding of a clear message, the great need for agility and immediate action that COVID-19 is here, it is real and it is killing.

Tafelsig Mitchells Plain CAN was created as a direct Rapid Response to the virus with 2 main aims:
1. Prevent infection
2. Prevent the spread in the unfortunate event of contracting the virus.

The TMPC feeding scheme is a direct response to the hunger situation in Tafelsig. We realized that in order to get to the real work of addressing the virus we needed to feed people first so that we can get the awareness-raising on COVID-19 home.

1. Build partnerships.
2. Attract the willingness from everyday persons to donate already available raw food ingredients, vegetables and fruit. Start reaching out to bigger donors.
3. Willingness to accept gracefully little bits of donated goods as eagerly as being keen for large quantities.
4. Build up a community network of Change Champions and encourage them to take responsibility for the well-being of residents in surrounding streets/ blocks.
5. Provide Covid-19 training to Change Champions with special focus on:
* hygienic food preparation
* disinfecting of work areas
* proper handwashing
* social distancing
6. Source large quantities of food regularly and make sure to create a system of regular feeding to break the fear of the community of not knowing where the next meal is coming from.
7. Delivery of cooked meals to households, taking away the need for residents to be outside to look for food.
8. Residents trust and know regular food is delivered, stay home and allow for screening, testing and self – isolation to kick in.

Final Stage:

President’s Call to “Stay in Your Home” effective and Lockdown gradually lifted.