Dr. President Cyril Ramaphosa

This will probably the last time I address you about the Hunger Crisis.

Mr. President I receive the most painful messages every day from people who don’t know what to do anymore. People who have called every possible number made available by government, who have nowhere else to go, these are the people who call me nonstop… Here are some of the messages of despair for food:

“Please help me with water and food parcel please my children did not eat for days please help me”

“Good morning i saw ur post on fb ,i have a mother who is on chemo ,chronic illness and all,her disiblity stopped last month nd she has to reply again ,i was hoping if u could help her with a food parcel please,she stays in Tafelsig. We are 6 in the house with no one working ,i cant go out nd see for a char its just getting stressfull amd to much if you can please help.God bless”

“Good morning aunty Joanie , I just want to know what time and days do you share out food. I just want to know the time pls I want to tell my brother’s they can go fetch food there”.

“Hi Joanie, are you able to assist this woman with a food parcel please, she is in Eastridge Mitchells Plain”

Nonstop, all day and all night do I receive these messages and my heart is in pieces!

On 23 April 2020, out of SHEER DESPAIR, I addressed you with the hope that your Decisive Leadership would bring an end to the HUNGER CRISIS in our communities.

2 Weeks later and whole communities still didn’t have anything to eat. Even after your representatives came to hear my inputs into how we together could ensure that the people, all of the people eat, you went ahead and announced on national television a plan so impossibly inadequate, a plan to give food hampers to 250,000 people that it smacked in the face of the thousands of people who did not eat for the full duration of the level 5 lockdown.

I can no longer sit back and not do something when the people’s government is failing us in our biggest crisis ever.

I am now reaching out to the world to ask for help. I will make sure that I feed my whole community and then my neighbors with whatever assistance we receive. We, the community leaders will self organize to make sure that together we feed the people.

Mr. President, your intentions to feed the nation is good but unfortunately it does not filter down to the community in a way that feed the people.

Why did your people come to listen to my suggestions if none of the easy solutions were fractured into the handling of the FOOD CRISIS?

While your government goes ahead to pack the 250,000 food hampers to feed a small fraction of the population at the cost of millions of others, I stand up, stand tall to do whatever it takes to get food to THE PEOPLE!

Mr. President Cyril Ramaphosa, your government is stuck on your disastrous course of ignoring the needs of the people. The plans made on the types of support you decided to give to the people are not sustainable. It is sad that you cannot see what we experience on the ground. I live here, I speak on experience.

I am forging ahead to find food for all the people, not just some. I am taking this cry for help out to the world and I promise to continue on this course until hunger is no longer an issue.

Joanie Fredericks
Tafelsig Mitchells Plain CAN Admin
Cell:076 621 0245